About Us

Since 2013, Marianvale Blue has prided itself on being the largest Murray Cod farm in the world and supplying the best quality fish to the Australian public. Whilst we only have a small team, we are extremely passionate and are dedicated to producing a consistent premium supply of Murray Cod. One of the primary focuses of Marianvale Blue is ensuring the farm's carbon footprint, water usage and volume of wastes are kept to an absolute minimum. We have engaged with many experts in sustainable aquaculture to deal with every aspect of the eco-friendly system, including natural and mechanical alernatives to chemical treatments, water recycling, aquaponics and feed nutrient optimisation and sustainability.

Marianvale Blue is currently the only registered holder of a multiple consignment permit for the export of Murray Cod and we are pioneering the Murray Cod industry in Australia and the world.

Supporting the Australian food industry is a key element in who Marianvale Blue is and what we believe in. The Murray Cod is an iconic fish and we are proud to be Australia's #1 supplier.

Our aquaculture facility is set amongs 3000+ acres of bush and farmland near Goulburn, New South Wales.