Murray Cod

Murray Cod is described by the Department of Primary Industries as "an iconic and highly marketable fish species" that will appeal to Australia’s increasingly health-conscious consumer markets, as well as export markets such as Asia.

The Murray Cod is a renowned sporting fish that is grouper-like in appearance and has a huge mouth. Its back is a mottled, olive-green colour and its belly is a silvery white. Edges of all soft fins may also be tipped in white.

The flesh of Murray Cod is moist, white and flakes easily, and it has a delicate flavour. It can be prepared in a variety of ways - steamed, pan-fried similarly to Salmon, and baked. And to top it off, the skin crisps easily due to its fat content. Top restaurateurs can not speak more highly about Murray Cod, acknowledging its delicious flavours, fantastic texture, and attractive appearance as a whole, filleted or banquet fish.

With a decline in the natural populations of Murray Cod over past decades, they are no longer caught commercially in the wild and seasonal restrictions apply to recreational fishing in order to preserve the natural population. As a result, Murray Cod, whilst highly sought after by leading chefs, is in limited supply and commands a premium market price.

Marianvale Blue is dedicated to providing the Australian market with a high-quality, healthy Murray Cod, keeping our focus on fish well-being, sustainability and a clean process.