One of Marianvale Blue's beautiful Murray Cod

Farmed vs Wild

Murray Cod have traditionally been caught in Australian rivers because of their magnificent eating quality. However, overfishing, competition from introduced species, pollution and droughts have resulted in Murray Cod being placed on the critically endangered species list. Commercial fishing of Murray Cod from rivers is now prohibited. Consequently, we must turn to other means if we want to have Murray Cod back in the Australian market.

Marianvale Blue commits to a high standard of humane and sustainable practices to ensure that the fish we farm is treated with respect and that the entire farming process leaves minimal waste, thanks to our closed loop system. This approach also plays a big part in the delivery of the fresh and live Murray Cod that we serve, as it is known that stress-free animals make for healthier and higher quality eating. When it comes to the taste and quality of Marianvale Blue Cod, it is even better than Murray Cod fished out of the traditional rivers. In fact, many locals used to refer to Murray Cod as a "Muddy Fish", as it came from the muddy Murray River. But this is not the case with Marianvale Blue Cod. We have the facilities to house Murray Cod in an eco-friendly way, where the fish are able to grow in a clean environment, free from the muddiness of the river.

Responsible aquaculture with processes such as Marianvale Blue's state-of-the-art RAS facilities, the largest of its kind in Australia, have resulted in Murray Cod returning to the seafood sector, and has negated overfishing of this magnificent Australian fish.

Please refer to the DPI NSW website for more information on Murray Cod fishing and exactly what is prohibited. Report any illegal fishing as our Murray Cod is sacred.